Saturday, September 17, 2011

Report from the Country Living Fair

It is now Saturday night and after a second day of the Country Living Fair we are tired. The crowds have been huge and the whole experience of being here has been everything we expected and more. Yesterday our sales exceeded all records for any previous one day of sales.
This morning before the crowds arrived I took a few pictures in the town green of this lovely historic village the show is being held in. The historic setting of the show adds a wonderful element to this show and combined with the wonderful Fall like weather it is truely a picture perfect place to be.

See if you can pick out our space as it looked first thing this morning in tent number 5. We are the people with the famous stacking pumpkins that everyone seems to want to photograph.

I picture latter in the day with CJ holding sway over the corner of our harvest table that has become the corner we use to write up our sales.

After the show today we made quick trip to see Sobo Style. We managed to also catch Joe and Sandy from Rubarb Reign doing a trunk show at the store.
One of the highlights of the weekend was a get together we had last night at the invitation of Katie owner of Sobo Style. Joe and Sandy were there of Rubarb Reign, we got to meet Mary Ellen of Twisted Style, and many other fine people including numerous friends from Grand Rapids. Diana Korhorn and Karen Kelder were at the party and were emotionally so supportive , Patrice of Elements in Grand Rapids was also present with here husband Stan. We were most grateful of the presence of Sue and Hugh Hufnagel who came down from Grand Rapids to help us at the show. We have never been busier at any show and couldn't imagine what we would have done without there help yesterday and today. Thanks Hugh and Sue you really rock!
Enough for tonight. I have to get to bed. One more day to go. We love the Country Living Fair and wish you could all be here.


Anita said...

SOOOO glad it is going well> I wish I was there too, but it is Homecoming and you know how busy a Mama of 2 girlies is getting everyone all spiffed up for the dance :) Hugs!

Tess the bold life said...

omg sounds like you guys were the rock stars of the show!!! Woo hoo!

Tess the bold life said...

omg sounds like you guys were the rock stars of the show!!! Woo hoo!

Sandy and Joe/rhubarb reign said...

So happy for you guys!! You deserve it -- lots of hard work went into it. xo

katie said...

great to meet you and Dan in person! Thanks for stopping in and mentioning us on you blog CJ!