Friday, June 7, 2013

Michigan Antiques & Collectible Festival 2013 Interior Design Student Contest

As many of you know Dan & I set up and sold at the Michigan Antique & Collectible Festival last weekend in Midland, Michigan.While there I had a wonderful opportunity. The promoter of the show Linda Kruger had informed had informed me in a previous conversation about an Interior Design student contest that would be going on at the show while we were there. Of course that sparked my interest! Friday evening after set up she approached me to ask if I would consider being a judge for the contest, seeing I was a working degreed NCIDQ certified Interior Designer who also worked in the field of antiques and repurposing, as well as the fact that I teach Interior Design through continuing studies at Kendall College of Art & Design here in Grand Rapids.
This was and awesome task for the students which consisted of them shopping the entire show for items for their room, they had to deal with the vendors, inform them of the project and give them paper work for all pieces on loan for their rooms. Each piece was of course inventoried and listed for sale in their showroom space.
The students where required to think outside the box a great deal and get creative with reuse of the items. The students worked in team of 3-4, with other students they didn't know before that day. CMU & MSU students were combined! They all said they had great fun doing the project.
I will share a few of the rooms that were done by the students. Pay close attention to the details - they did a great job!

AND THE WINNER IS!!!!!!!!!!!!

I loved this room and did vote for it as winner, the rest of the judges must have as well :-)
Nice composition, fun creative use of items. Wonderful mix of colors and unexpected items.

It was an honor to be asked to be a judge, I got to meet some other really interesting people too! I am so glad that this type of design concept is being taught in the Interior Design departments. Because it is a big part of  " what's going on!"
Thanks! I had fun too :-)