Tuesday, February 19, 2008


OK sorry everyone, spell check is not working to catch my errors and typos


I am learning e-bay and feeling like a child. Dan has very patiently been teaching me. After I got 5 listing made on saturday I had to lay down! There is so much to it, so many details. There is stratugy to it so that your product looks it's best, is represented correctly. It requres research, good photography, interesting descriptions. But all fun, rather like creating your own play store. That is one way that it makes me feel like a child - the play, but also learning all about it. I feel like I am back in school with home work.
These photos are of the 5 things that I have listed this week. So check it out. There are a few more being added tonight. Some of these things are so cool I can't believe that I'm parting with them! So have fun shopping. Search for me by entering vintage hooked rug with cat and it should come up and then you can see the other items too.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Auction Fevor!

I love to attend an auction and I love textiles. This past week in a snow blizzard I was able to experience both. I am excited about what I found, antique matress ticking in blue, a French style whole cloth quilt, colorful picnic table cloths and beautifuly graphic Indian blankets. Color, color, color! All a feast for the eyes in the gray Michigan winter environment. Check out both of my spaces at Eastown Antiques for a closer look. There are also many other treasures that I brough back, a doll size painted dresser with mirror - great for a jewelry box, a giant letter "C" from an old store sign, great hooked rugs, a bunch of old wallpaper brushes................... you just have to go see. Hope it puts a smile on your face like it did mine!