Thursday, March 13, 2008


It' been an amazing week and the week's not over yet! It's been week of COLOR!

I had a color analysis for myself from Mary Leslie @ The Leslie Studio on Lake Eastbrook Blvd. I turned 50 this past December and there is more and more gray creeping into my hair. It has never been my intention to hide it, I rather like embracing it and view it as a right of passage. But I am not going to do it like a mouse. (a mouse in the house that's another story this week!- entertainment for Hattie, Hanna & Scout). In my 20's I had my colors done through Color Me Beautiful, a wonderful gift from my grandmother. At that time I was labeled "spring" and I was told I would always be a spring. Having a background now myself in color, I was doubting this information. I was finding that my complexion was changing as well as my hair color. More pink in my skin and cooler tones in my hair along with the warmer tones that my hairdresser had been adding, all of which I was feeling didn't look it's best lately. So off I went to Mary.

Mary advised me on the color of blond that should be added to my gray, the shape of my hair that would be most flattering to me, colors that I should wear in cloths & make-up as well as shape & style of cloths that would be most flattering to my figure! Oh I feel like I have just blossomed! Which would be correct, instead of the more delicate colors of spring I should be wearing clear bright sunny colors like a June garden in full bloom. Mary is amazing!

This new excitement has also translated into my work this week. I am presently working on 2 cottages on Lake Michigan, both with existing furniture and colors to work with. Of course being cottages we would like to see them happy colorful places. JUNE places. So here are a couple of photos of some fabrics etc that I pulled for a meeting with my client. Many options for a colorful, fun summer environment.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Architectural Inspirations

We have been so inspired by this artist from Maine, that we just had to try our hand at it. I have long been interested in architecture, which I believe led me to Interior Design, especially residential - houses. I like to take inspiration from something and make it my own. Changing things, like form, color, composition etc. In the past I had mostly painted from nature, in the garden, from the shore, looking at my subject. But lately I am more and more inspired by photographs or other images. I also have a fascination with shape and repeating shape - I'll show more of that later. But for now these are the images that emerged on a cold winter night with a pot of soup on the stove........................................

Tuesday, March 4, 2008



We had a house guest this past weekend who filled our home with such joy, laughter, positive energy and enthusiasm. Our home became filled will color so amazing, beyond what decorating could do. I am grateful for the gift of friendship that she brought with her, like a spring breeze. So you may need to add some fresh spring life to your home , and of course that is my profession so I can help you with that! But also invite friends over, they are the best decorating you can ever do.

When she left and the house was a little too quiet, here is what I found in her bedroom................................ You are welcome.