Wednesday, September 14, 2011

THE PILES - On Our Way To The Country Living Fair in Columbus!

The piles of merchandise have been forming here like you can't believe. We leave today for the Country Living Fair in Columbus.
Stacks of completed projects have been boxed and packed.
This is really one of the first times that Dan & I have created this kind of quantity. We set goals for ourselves, made lists, crossed things off and  added more. During this process we also worked hard and being mindful of the end result and honoring the creative process. For example one item that I was making I had on my list to make 20 of them, I put together 19 that I thought were fabulous (!) but number 20 just wasn't coming to me, so rather than making number 20 just to make number 20, I stopped. So I'm here to tell you all 19 ROCK!
So what were those 19 items? Ask me at the Fair!
And come see what we do with this bale of hey!
See you @ the Fair!

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