Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day!! Laboring for Country Living on Labor Day

We have been busy all weekend. Cj has been home in her studio giving her sewing machine a good workout. I have been in my shop making alot of sawdust and paint fumes. Most weekends we find ourselves working however with the Country Living show only about ten days away we have a new sense of urgency in our work. We have never made, created, or found so much for any one show and are planning on this being the largest load of product we have ever taken to any show. So our Labor Day weekend has truly been a weekend of labor.

This past week I finished three harvest tables I am planning on taking with us. The one pictured above in my paint spray booth was made out of a vintage plank door with porch columns for legs. About a week ago I found some really great apothecary cabinets that came out of a drug store in a town not far from here. I am readying all three for the show.
Today a friend showed up with a trailer load of vintage items he wanted us to take to the show. You have to love friends like that that just show up at your doorstep.
I found a couple of really great vintage cast iron urns that we are hoping to fill with pumpkins for the show. That assumes that pumpkins are ready in ten days. I did check my patches of bittersweet and it look like we will be able to take some bittersweet with us.
We are very excited about all of this. We hope that we get to see many of our friends/clients and hope to make lots of new acquaintances. Just counting down the days!!!


Anita said...

I am so hopeful for you that this is a great show. I wish I could play hooky from school and be there, but know I will be hoping for you from afar!

True North Interior Design & Antiques said...

Thank you Anita! You sure are doing some amazing creative things these days too! Miss you

The VanderArks said...

We're planning to make the trek down to Columbus to check out all the sales. We'll be rooting for you folks, for sure!

--Tony and Melissa VanderArk