Thursday, January 30, 2014

Tailgate/Music Valley Antique Show & Vintage Marketplace

In two weeks will be doing our first show of the year in Nashville, The tailgate/Music Valley Antique Show and Vintage Marketplace. We are planning a very ambitious show schedule this year. Most of our shows will be new show for us and will involve some travel for us. We are very excited about this and will share with you are planned schedule as we finalize our itinerary. 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Harvest Tables and Winter Reflections

This time of the year is a more quiet time of the year for us. We don't do many shows over the winter. Many of the projects I purchased at the end of the summmer and Fall now get my full attention in the shop.

Harvest tables are one of our largest selling items. So this week now that I have lots of time on my hands I am combing thru the many parts and pieces I have saved for the construction of these tables. It is my hope that this week will give a good start on a large inventory of these table once we get into show season. 
I try to always use as much vintage lumber for the tables as I can find. The tops are pieced together from old flooring, plank doors, barn wood and any other wood that I can find that has history and character. Much of the wood I find needs to be stripped of paint when it is turned into tops for my table. This isn't a process I enjoy so much but the wood that is exposed makes for such a beautiful top when I am done that I aways feel rewarded for my efforts.

I am finding myself enjoying this process this week even more than usual. It is a gift to be able to create and as the snow gently falls outside my windows I feel gratitude to be able to do something with my hands and my heart that I love so much.

Saturday, January 4, 2014


Winter has settled in early here. Temperatures have been colder than normal and snow fall has been heavier than usual. 
The new year and the very winter like weather finds us at home alot planning and plotting for this coming year. 
We are always looking for ways to do our business better. So often we ask ourselves what our focus needs to be, how can we improve our "look", what should we do to the fixed locations we are in to improve our sales, what shows should we do this year, what items do we focus on when we buy our vintage items, and what repuposed items should we focus on and make. This covers a lot of territory but every business has to go thru this process to stay successful and product results. 
This year we hope to have some new products to introduce you to and some new shows to try. Our first show in fact is only about five weeks away and is the Tail/gate Music Valley Antique show in Nashville, Tenn. We are signed up to do the Junk Jubilee show in Des Moines, Iowa and also hope to do another Country Living show beside the show in Ohio. Stay tune to our blog and facebook page for our plans as they unfold. 
We are excited about this coming year. Some of the ways we hope to introduce new repurposed items into our mix and evolve our look has us very excited. In addition, we have started taking some long hard looks at what we want TRUE NORTH to look like in the future and hope to take some steps this year in that direction. So stay tuned.......