Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Hopeful Gospel Duet & The Country Living Fair

OK, so I am sewing like crazy, creating something new out of something old and talking to my Mom another lifetime sewer about what I am working on and she asks me if these items are for someone in particular. So first you need to understand that the antiques part of our business is different but connected (how's that for clarity!) to the Interior Design part of the business. When something is being sewn for an Interior Design client it is a for sure sale. Designed and fabricated especially for them. Quoted and paid for (ya, I like that too). But....... what I am creating these days (& Dan as well) is based on HOPE. We are hoping that all of YOU coming to the Country Living Fair in Columbus will like our creations, new things from old, and buy them! So Dan & I have come to call ourselves The Hopeful Gospel Duet after the Hopeful Gospel Quartet with Garrison Keillor. Hope is a wonderful thing! We are both very excited about this opportunity. So hear we go "on a wing and a prayer" as another saying goes.
See you at the FAIR!

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marta said...

I'm Hopeful too! Can't wait to see you there!