Thursday, January 10, 2013

Harvest Tables out of repurposed vintage materials

For the last couple of years we have been building harvest tables. All of our tables are constructed out of vintage materials. For the tops of these tables we use doors, flooring and even salvage existing table tops. The legs are salvaged from table legs, stairway newel posts, or porch posts.
 Most of our tables have painted bases with natural finished or stained tops. However we have also sold a few tables that are completely painted. Since this summer we have sold such a large number of tables that I now find myself on the prowl for more materials. I currently have a waiting list of people wanting tables. This Fall I even had three people buy my tables and cut them down for large coffee tables.
The small tables that are thirty inches wide and five to six feet long are the easiest to find materials for. The larger tables that are forty two inches wide and seven to ten feet long are the hardest to find materials for. I do my best to accommodate peoples requests for certain sizes however I am limited by what I can find. I have thought about using newer wood but I just don't enjoy the finished results. I love the feel of wood that has a history and that has the look of a real primitive table.
The latest table currently at Bluedoor here in Grand Rapids already has a sold sign on it. As I can find more material and time I will be building more and try to keep at least one or two in our current spaces at Bluedoor here in Grand Rapids or up north in our space at Then and Now in Petoskey. This is one of the largest repurposed projects we do that I have a real passion for. It is very satisfying to see the character of the finished wood top that was at one time a barn door or the legs of the table that were at one time a porch posts on a porch come to life as a table that loves like it has been around for one hundred years.
Of course with each one I build CJ always asks me when she will be building her harvest table. This winter I might just have to make time to make one that comes home with me.
If you have interest in having a table built don't hesitate to contact us. Prices vary with the size and type of materials used. All tables are finished in the same primitive way we finish all of the furniture we work on. If you have materials you think we could use please contact us as well. We are always on the lookout for interesting wood that we can use to build these tables.