Sunday, August 11, 2013

Fall is Coming!!!

Last weekend was our final Petoskey show of the season and we realized that Fall is just around the corner. People are talking about getting kids back in school already and our next show is the Country Living show in September. Were has summer gone??
We haven't blogged in a while and were reminded of that at our last show by someone who claimed to be a faithful follower of our blog. So we are going to try to correct that.

CJ and I have decided that our business does best when we are cummunicating and dealing with our customers directly. We believe that no one tells our story better than we do. So short of opening up our own store(something we are not ready for) we believe that we need to do more shows, use our blog and face book more to cummunicate with all of you. We are also hoping sometime in October to move my shop to a new location that may allow us to have a show room and thow open our doors once a week for those of you that want to deal directly with us. We will share the details of this after we do the Country Living show as it develops. 
In the mean time check our facebook page, etsy and blog regularly and check out our space at Bluedoor here in Grand Rapids and Then and Now up in Petoskey.