Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Thanks for the Memories

We had such a great time this weekend at Graysklake! It was wonderful to see all of you again after our 2 month absence. We came back to Grand Rapids with a much lighter load! We sold a lot of great product and bought a lot of great product. We had a splash of romantic Valentine gift items.We had great vintage girlie "things" to pamper yourself with,
I love these door benches that Dan makes and check out more of his hand made wire baskets. He is working on some larger versions of his baskets this week.
Any kind of drawer cabinet, like this one Dan made out of old cheese boxes, letter trays, storage boxes and bins were all hot sellers.
We had such a fun time catching up with everyone. Thanks everyone for more great memories!!
See you all in a couple of weeks at Kane County. we'll have MORE cool stuff  :> I hit a good estate sale today!! tease tease

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Anita said...

Seems like buyers are ready this year! Loving those flowers!