Thursday, February 11, 2010

Recycled T Shirt Scarves & More This Weekend For GraysLake

Dan & I have been busy bees getting ready to see all of you this weekend at Grayslake.
I have had this idea in my head for a while now, to make nifty scarves out of old recycled T-shirts. I have always loved soft clothing so this seemed like a good idea & who doesn't have old T-shirts and then if you are me, you have lots of other "stuff" to embellish them with too.
Here's a peek! I couldn't resist the spring colors and patterns.
I have always had a fascination for wire and now I have Dan hooked (no pun intended - OK maybe a little :>  ). The first wire "thing" he ever made for me was a mini hanger for the sweater ornaments that I knit at Christmas. So now onto bigger things! That is so Dan! I seem to work in miniature and he is always thinking big. So when we moved I had all of these tomato cages in the garage that of course were still useful so neither of us could throw them away. After all they were WIRE. This darling basket that he made started it's life supporting sprouting climbing tomatoes, and then Dan worked his magic. Just a warning there could be a short supply of these this weekend because I LOVE EVERY ONE OF THEM!
Then we collaborated on this "handy hand" project. Well actually we collaborated on the scarves too, Dan donated some of his T's as well.
So see ya at Grayslake. We are looking forward to seeing all of you again and so glad the storm is over!


Anita said...

Lots of great, fun, useful, repurposed ideas...I wish I was going to be at Grayslake because I KNOW these will go quickly....

VanDaff's Interior Design & Antiques said...

thanks Anita. You are our best cheerleader! We'll miss seeing you this weekend