Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Trends in Interior Design

My dear friend Sandi Garrison of Rhubarb Reign suggested late last summer that I consider blogging about my Interior Design business and that she thought it would be interesting to read about. I have to admit that it has been buzzing through my head for several months now. There are a couple of issues for me in writing about Interior Design. First I respect my clients privacy and will not mention names - you most likely will know who you are! Second it is never ethical for me to give away design advise when that is what people pay me for. So given all of that it took me a while to formulate how to do this in an interesting fashion. Here goes, hope you enjoy this.

One of the BIGGEST trends that I am using in Interior Design right now is Pinterest.
I first leaned of it from my Interior Design students that I teach at Kendall College of Art & Design Continuing Studies Youth and Adults program. I am now addicted! Pinterest is an online bulletin board where you can "pin" images of things you like under categories or "boards" that you create. I first started with pinning images of things that I like under a board that I titles "my style". That's easy anything I saw that I liked - right. Then I added one of "great ideas", things to make, recipes, on and on. My students use it to create "boards" for the projects that they are doing for class. We look at them on their ipads and iphones. It amazes me how useful those tiny pictures are! I now use Pinterest to create boards for my client projects, pinning fabric, furniture, lighting, room ideas etc. On Pinterest they can follow me and I can also follow them. It is so cool, they can almost see what I am thinking and vise verse.

The photo at the top of the page and the 3 above are from Sarah Richardson, of HGTV and Country Living fame. I love her style as do several of my clients. I think if I had to give you an overview or summery of her style it would be sophisticated, monochromatic comfortable - however the images that I have chosen of her work to share with you have more color - more my style. After all I'M writing this! And it is no secret to any of YOU that I love color! I think that her style of design is livable and has great character. So always fun to have a client who is inspired by here. 

I am working on a bedroom right now that was inspired by this bedroom that she did.
So stay tuned and possibly I will be able to share with you a photo of  "our" interpretation of the Sarah Richardson bedroom.
Yesterday to my astonishment Mary Emmerling started following me on Pinterest. I of course started following her back and picked up several other noteworthy people for follow!
It truly has been so much fun and such a great way to stay current on trends in design, color, fashion, you name it. Amazing for me to see what everyone pins!

I saw this great scarf on Pinterest and pinned it to my board, clicked on it and learned that it was a pattern that I could purchase in a PDF version. I did!

So then I pinned this item from my Etsy site that I had for sale, to one of my boards titled "Vintage" and  sold it in one day.
So can you see why I am addicted!!!!

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