Saturday, January 14, 2012

Our Vintage Very Snow Neighborhood-Heritage Hill

          CJ and I have the privilege of living in a very beautiful neighborhood here in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The neighborhood is call Heritage Hill Historic District. It is one of the largest and oldest historic districts in North America. CJ has lived in the neighborhood when she came to town to go to Kendall College in the 1980's. I have lived here off and on for years and  built a construction business that specialized in restoring houses in this neighborhood for a number of years.
 We now live here together and often love going for walks at the end of the day. We both love old houses.
 This week our unusually warm weather ended and about a day ago we started getting a soft gentle snow fall and much colder temperatures. After two days of snow we have a regular winter wonderland.
 So late this afternoon we went for a walk when I got home from a day of working in my shop. Everything was so beautiful, quiet and snow covered that I couldn't resist taking some of these pictures of house we passed as we walked.
 All of these houses pictured are when in two blocks of our house. It is a wonderful thing to be surrounded with some much beauty.
 We hope you enjoy these few pictures of our very vintage snowy neighborhood.

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