Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The New Year and Resolutions

 We hope that all of you had really great holidays and are now quietly at home putting away Christmas like we are. New Years always seems to bring with it resolutions and so we have asked ourselves what should are resolutions be.  If you are in business for yourself you are always asking yourself how you can do to do your business better, what are the trends you should be following, and what areas should we focus on. As a result, one of the things we hope to do in the new few weeks is to ramp up our ebay and etsy listings.
Are esty account in called True North and are ebay account is called Hattiemaevandaff(named for our cat). We have had both accounts for awhile and feel that it is far more productive for us this winter to focus on listings to help us increase our sales over the winter when our sales slow some. So if you have some time check us out on both locations and see what great finds and creations we come up with over the next few weeks.

This past year I have also made a resolution to reduce the size of my work shop. I have had my space for about 15 years and at various times I had a crew of people using the shop when I owned a construction company so I needed alot of room for the construction of projects and for large pieces of machinery. However, much of the machinery is now gone and so is my crew. So, over the past few years I have filled my shop up with lots of vintage stuff that I intended to fix, repupose, or upcycle. I have manage to collect much more than I could possible work on or use and so I decided to reduce the size of my shop and attempted to organize my shop so that we can save some rent money as well has making my workspace a more efficient space for me to work.
This is not any easy task for me because I love my "stuff" and I would not have hauled to to my shop if I had not seen some value in it. But, by New Years day I had vacated half of my shop and am now working on putting some assemblance of order to all the remaining stuff. About now I am sick of cleaning, sorting, and throwing stuff out of my shop window and am ready to get involved in some new projects including some projects I found while going thru this very large change.
So keep an eye on us this year. We are talking about lots of ideas and potential changes and are very excited about our business possibilities this year.

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