Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pale & Interesting, Road Trip-Picking

  We received a new book in the mail today. Pale and Interesting is the title. It is a book about decorating with whites, pastels and neutral. It had a lot of great picture of farmhouses with white wall and floors. We loved looking thru it together and had to recommend it in our blog. So check it out.

Saturday we decided to take a road trip. It was a beautiful day and I have been struggling with a pinched nerve in my shoulder so we decided to take it easy by doing something like taking a drive. The drive was a perfect opportunity to look for vintage farmhouses,  old trucks and other vintage/antique finds for our business.
We headed out along the lake shore of Lake Michigan south thru the city of Holland, Saugatuck, and Douglas. We made a stop in Holland at a local antique mall and than for lunch. After lunch we headed for one of our favorite primitive antique stores called Nob Hill at the south end of Holland. It is located in a wonderful vintage building. When we got there the business was closed for the season but there was also a for sale sign out in front of the store. This building would be any antique dealer's dream to set up a business in. So we had to take a few pictures to share with you.
 How could you not help but fall in love with this! After we stopped long enough to take a few pictures we got back on the road again and headed for the next antique mall we intended to visit in Saugatuck.
 Going thru Saugatuck we saw this great Chevy pickup in front of a garden center. Because of my weakness for vintage Chevy pickups we again stopped to take a picture of this wonderful truck being used to advertise this garden center.
 After Saugatuck and the Blue Star antique mall we headed out south of Douglas for awhile enjoying seeing lots of great vintage houses. The one the really captured our imagination though was this white farmhouse with plenty of porches. What a classic!
Me made one last stop for the day at a fun antique store that was located in an early 1900 wood frame store. After talking to the owner of the business I found out that he had an old barn fill with lots of vintage that he was more than happy to give me a tour of this coming week. So today I meet him at his vintage old barn and spent a couple of hours digging thru 30 years of collecting and found some treasures that should make it into our spaces in the next week. So our day "off" proved to be a very successful day for us.


Sandy and Joe/rhubarb reign said...

Hi guys! Glad to get a chance to read what you've been up to! Miss you!! Looking forward to spring. xo

Tess The Bold Life said...

Love this and love that white house with the porch. Hope you feel better soon!