Friday, July 8, 2011

Great Time in Petoskey & Boyne City

We had a great time at the antique show this past weekend in Petoskey. Thank you to all of our wonderful customers. It was beautiful weather, we couldn't have asked for it to be any nicer. Sales were strong and we are so grateful.

We had a grand time with my family attending the 4th of July festivities in Boyne City, you just can't beat a small town 4th of July. The parade went on over an hour! ending with a chicken BBQ in the waterfront park and we watched the fireworks over the tree tops from Mom & Dad's deck.
We just can't thank everyone at Then & Now  in Peroskey enough - they all do a fantastic job of selling our items. We restocked 3 times while we were there! It is always a pleasure to meet the people who purchase from us and we had the opportunity to do that both at the show  and in the shop over the last several day. Thank you everyone!

We made a delivery in Traverse City on the way home, met with a wonderful long time client in Frankfurt, spied this amazing field of baby's breath and stopped along the way at a couple of fruit markets.
Dan is shown above with Chet, who asked where we were from and we said Grand Rapids and he said "oh do you know the antique shop Lost and Found? My son Mark owns that shop" ! Small world! I was wearing a necklace purchased there. Marks shop is really great if you have not been to it on Century Street is is a must see. We bought gorgeous raspberries from Chet along with maples syrup - can't wait for Sunday morning buckwheat pancakes! We also stopped for cherries and strawberries.
We made strawberry jam last night and I have another batch of raspberry jam started now.
Ah summer..............

This blog also ushers in a new era for us. We now have a new name for our business. We have been for sometime trying to find a new name that both of us like and reflects what we do together as a couple. We hope that our new name will best reflect the new identity we are now are now creating for ourselves. "Sometimes in the winds of change you find your true direction or ture north"

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