Sunday, July 17, 2011

Trip back up north

We no sooner got back from our trip up north over the forth of July than we were already planning another return trip to north country. One of the main reasons for our trip up north this past weekend was this great salvaged set of kitchen cabinets that came out of a house here in Grand Rapids. Like many of the projects I haul to my shop this cabinet was in many pieces and I rebuilt it using all the original old wood. I did make the upper cabinet a little bit shorter, put glass in the doors and built an open arch area in the middle rather than putting a door back on the cabinet. It was great fun and best of all was delivered to a new owner inm Petoskey this weekend.
Was also brought along some new pieces to restock Then and Now. We left our space their packed very full. We also started stocking for the next Petoskey show which is the first weekend in August.
When ever we go up north this time of year we always stay with Mom and Dad Pluister. They really are the best bed and breakfast and we always have a great time with them. Dad has been helping us by making picture/chalk board frames from us out of old casing and bead board. He has also been making parts for the many hook racks we make out of door panels and sell at Then and Now. I am very grateful for his help at this very busy time of year.
Cj's Mom and Dad have lived in Boyne City for many years and when we stay with them we have to make about a twenty minute drive into Petoskey. There are a couple of favorite routes we like to take. The county is so beautiful that every chance we get we love going for drives that let us see some of the beautiful spots between the two towns. Often we take Horton Bay Road which takes us thru the village of Horton Bay which has this great inn and bookstore. I love this sign and the old house that houses the book store. So I could resist taking some pictures this time on a trip to Petoskey this past Friday.

Then of course there is the Horton Bay General which is right next door. Stepping inside is truly like stepping back in time. Great baked goodies which is always an excuse to stop.

After we got back in the truck we drove down the road about a half a mile and found the lavender in full bloom at Lavender Hill farm. So we got out and walked the grounds farm and fields. This is a beautiful vintage farm were the owners grow fields of lavender and sell lots of products make with their lavender at a store on the farm site. Last Fall I meet the owner when I delivered a counter I made for the store. She is truly all about lavender and is also an avid beekeeper evidenced by the many bee hives in the lavender fields.

Right about now the field are in full bloom. If you are ever in the area this is a stop worth making. There are places on the earth that are a bit of heaven and this is truly one of them.

So, we are now safely back in Grand Rapids, it is Sunday night, and it is time to think and plan for this week. Many things need my attention in the shop this week. I am planning on going to an auction and flea market this week. Then and Now is having a big sale next weekend. We are thinking about trying to be their for that. We are getting ready for the next Petoskey show and Country Living show in the middle of September, trying to restock Bluedoor here in Grand Rapids. Plus, we are planning what additional shows we want to do this Fall and Winter. So CJ and I are about to sit down and make lists to trying an keep track of everything and above all we are trying to stay cool as we are experincing one of our Michigan summer heat waves this weekend.

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