Thursday, July 28, 2011

Various Thursday Night Thoughts

                                                                             People often ask me were we find alot of our product. Well there are many places and ways that we often find stuff but one way that often gives me great pleasure is dumpster diving. The great blue casing in the above picture I found this week in a dumpster. I just love getting something so cool for free. They had such great color! I turned the casing into some really great frames for some vintage oil paintings I had in the shop.
The wire baskets under the casing was purchased at a local auction. They have such great shape and character. I pretty love anything vintage wire.
We have always loved vintage architectural and this past week I came across one of the nicest stairway newel post I think I have ever found. This find happened because someone walked up to me outside my shop and asked if I would be interested i n buying some things. I think that is my second most favorite to get product. It is hard to beat someone knocking on your door offering items to sell.

                                                                             We also obtained this 1940's/1950's rattan section sofa with original fabric and a really great glass reverse painted beauty shop sign most likely from the 1930's.
Most of these item are currently on display at Bluedoor along with lots of great finds so we hope you take some time to check us out if you haven't done so recently.

If you are looking for something to do this weekend we have a great suggestion. A good friend of ours in opening what we think will be a very exciting store here in Grand Rapids. Her store name is called Elements and if you are interested in checking her out you can find more information out about her and the store on her blog which is also called Elements. Elements is listed on our side bar of blogs that we follow. It is a gift store in a wonderful old industrial setting that promises to showcase her love of vintage, recreated, and repurposed items.


Gracie's Cottage said...

Love those frames you made and that newel post...well that's just as charming as can be!


KateLainey said...

This post makes me smile b/c my mother is always finding things dumpster diving or by the road. :) I'm so excited to check out Bluedoor and see your items! This Element store looks so cool too. yay for vintage! :)

Glenda said...

I can't say enough on how delighted I was to meet you both. Also, it was your blog that I found out about Elements, and Patrice oh I adore her.