Monday, July 27, 2009

Learning SHOW BIZ!

One of the beautiful things about life is that you keep learning and growing and experiencing new things all the time. We continue to learn about other fun shows to do and what's hot where. A customer yesterday told me about her etsy site that is great. We were invited it be a part of the "Allegan neighborhood", a group of like minded antique dealers who collaberatively do pot luck lunch every show - yum! thank you for including us :>

I am so fortunate to be doing a business with my life partner and husband and boy I could not do this antique biz without him. Together we create a look that is a wonderful mix. Dan creates these great re purposed pieces of furniture and useful items and sees possibilities in such cool things like you would never imagine. I have been working on rejuvenated pieces of jewelry using found objects, buttons and other odd bits of old jewelry as well as vintage fabric pillows, slipcovers and cushion covers.

Here are a few photos of our booth at the Allegan Antiques Market from yesterday.

And a big thank you to Sandi and Joe of Rhubarb Rein who have been such good friends and mentors, teaching us about the show biz!


Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Such a pleasure meeting you yesterday! I posted some pics of your booth on my blog. Take care!

Sandy and Joe/rhubarb reign said...

Hi guys! Thanks for the nice comment, guys! Your booth looked great. Can't wait 'til next time. xo