Wednesday, January 23, 2008


There is a facinating aspect to design based on it's region or loacation.I found that especialy true in Arizona, it couldn't be more different than Michigan. I talked earlier about the clarity of light but the colors were equaly facinating. The Scottsdale, Phoenix, Mesa area is surrounded by mountains. These mountains dominate the scene everywhere you look. They are extrodinary. Thier color changes all day long. I especialy liked the late afternoon sun light. There was a romance to it, that reflected the twinkle in your eye. The colors seemed to become more brilliant and of course the shadows longer and more dramatic. The colors of the buildings were mostly subdued in comparrison to the landscape, exterior colors of sand, amber & terra cotta. Signage was all low and did not pierce the skyline. Architectural details were simple straight lines with lots clay tile roofs. Rarely did you see grass, mostly small stones often layed out like mosaics. Colors being seperated to create designs. I loved the contrast of the cactus and the palm tree in the landscape. I was told that for the cactus to have "arms" they must be 100 years old and for every 12"they are they weigh 100 pounds and could easily crush a car if they fell over. So look out for topeling cactus!
I found it amazing how they honored the natural world and did not try to compete with it's beauty.

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