Monday, January 28, 2008


I want to talk about the design process and share with you how I get from point "A" to point "B" so to speak. In this project we were redesigning the bathrooms, laundry room and the kitchen. At the same time that we were layout out the cabinetry, first for function then for aesthetics I was researching tile. I discussed with my client a color pallet, I comunicated that to my rep in the showroom and she sent me a box of the most amazing tile options within those colors. At the same time we are working with plumbing options and cabinet color options and counter materials. When using "whites" it is important for them to match, so I co-ordinated the plumbing, tile and cabinet whites. The metals also need to work together. I don't believe that they all have to match but they do need some harmoney. This includes, faucets, cabinet hardware, towel bars and door hardware. Once we have looked at some of the tile options then it is up to me to start putting them together to create a design. As you can see from the finished photos I used many different tiles together. I start with a scaled elevation drawing of the areas and start fillling it in with tile. These scaled drawings then go to the tile installer to estimate the amount of tile that I need to order and he also uses these to install from. The results here are quite beautiful. A coordinated affort between first the home owner, Designer, showroom rep, builder and the tile installer. Thank you to the "team".

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