Thursday, January 31, 2008


I always love getting New Fabrics from my fabric houses. F.Schumacher is know for it's exclusive beautiful fabricic. Many of their patterns are recreated from their archives of historic fabrics. If a pattern is recreated from the archives there is always a document color or and exact reprodution and several other color ways based on current color trends.
Over the last few years I have seen more and more detail in fabric, wich is evident here in 2 of these. The fabric in the middle is a silk with sewn on rick rack, a complicated and precise fabric to make, but what a unique look. I can just imagine it made into roman shades, bedding - duvet cover, tailored bed skirt, shams and or pillows. The fabric on the right is a printed fabric with emboidery over the printed pattern. This gives a posh dimentional effect that is delighting. This one is a more contemporary fresh patterns. The fabric to the far left is a more traditional floral available in three colors.
Current color trends are always exciting because that represents change. The seaglass blue is such a big color trend right now and has been strong for several years. I think it is a stong trend becuase it is soothing ( important at a time of war and unsteading econimics ). This color can also be combined with so many other colors sucessfully, mocha, lime, raspberry, red, mustard/butter yellow, coral, navy/cobalt. I am even combining it right now in my knitting with chartruse and a clear green. (see another blog... )I would love to hear and see how you have used it. Contact me on my e-mail,

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