Monday, March 12, 2012

Time Change, Vintage Style, Flea Market Decor, Trip to Petoskey

 OK so have you all adjusted to the time change yet? We are still struggling with getting up in the morning. Turning my clock ahead one hour doesn't go on my list of favorite things to do. I just thought it was getting so nice and light in the morning. Somehow this feels like going backward.
 In the last couple of weeks we have found some new and interesting magazines we would like to recommend. I managed to find both at our local grocery store. The first one is Vintage Style and the second one is Flea Market Decor. Both are filled with fun ideas, lots of pictures and for those interested in the vintage flea market style they are a must to check out.
 We have both been very busy lately. CJ has some design work that is keeping her busy and I am busy trying to keep product in are various locations. This past weekend we made a trip up to Petoskey to restock our booth at Then and Now. Our booth was looking rather sad because of the wonderful job Tracy and her staff do in selling our product. However, we no sooner got our trailer unloaded than we were descened upon by people called in by Tracy that were waiting for our arrival and we prompt sold much of our load(good problem to have).
 So we left our booth in not much better shape than when we had arrived.  So all week long I have been working on finishing product and loading the trailer up for another load to Then and Now this week. I think it will be a quick one day run without CJ maybe on Thursday or Friday.
 Before we got out of town we made a stop for lunch at one of our favorite lunch place in Petoskey, Julienne Tomatoes. This get deli style restaurant has a great menu and is located in a fabulous old building in downtown Petoskey. We first got to know this place because they do the food booth at the Petoskey Antique show that we do every summer. They got our vote for being the best show food we have ever had at an antique show.
 CJ's tomato painted chair that she had to take a picture of.  As you can imagine the interior decor is all about tomatoes.
 The other thing that we like about this restaurant is that they make a chocolate chip cookie that is rated by The New York Times as being the best chocolate chip cookie in town. So now you know what we have for dessert.

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I'm totally gonna look for the mags at the grocery store :) Thanks so much for sharing~ <3 Carrie @ Hot House Market