Monday, March 19, 2012

Pintrest, Abandon Houses, Gardening, Spring and Other Thoughts

 Ok, I must admit to you that CJ has me hooked on Pintrest. If you are visual like I am it is an amazing place to find beautiful images. As many of you know from reading our blog I  love old buildings/houses and vintage architecture. Searching thru Pintrest has allowed me to find some amazing photos.
Looking thru some of these pictures has reminded me that 25 plus years ago I purchased a fire damaged house in the neighborhood we are currently living in and was fortunate to have an empty lot next to this this house  that I was also able to purchase. The empty lot inspired thoughts of flower filled gardens.
I had Grandmas when I was young that had the most amazing gardens and a Dad that love to spend what little time he had outside of work, making our world beautiful with flowers. So I was determined to learn.

 At about the same time the city of Grand Rapids(were we live) was tearing down about eight city blocks of houses in an old Italian neighborhood. The goal was to turn the neighborhood into an industrial park.  However, once the houses had been torn down the city couldn't sell the property. So for about three years I would go walk this neighborhood about this time of year and into early summer and I learned that abandoned houses/ farms and neighborhoods sometime have beautiful remnants of what was originally beautiful gardens and flowers.
I would walk with a shovel and buckets and find my little treasures. One of my early finds was a clump of Rose Campion. Back then it was considered an old perennial that was no longer available at nurseries. It took some research to find out what it was. Over the years many people benefited from cuttings off that original clump.
Beside flowers I also developed a love of old multi floral roses that are often found on old farm sites.

My largest transplants involved moving Lilacs and Bridal Veil Spirea bushes both common around the foundations of old houses.  One plant I moved must have been about six feet tall and had and equal spread. I barely got  it in the car. It was a small hatch back car and the branchs dragged on the street when I hauled it home. It actually must have been a very amusing sight. But it lived. I became a master at moving things.
So the next time you see an old house that is abandoned look at more than just the house. You may find some treasures growing at your feet. 

We are so very busy right now. Have made some great finds in the last couple of weeks. I will post pictures later this week about some of these projects. So stay tuned.

Made a second trip up to Petoskey last week with more product. The season seems to have gotten any early start up there. Don't you just love this early warm weather!!

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