Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday Night Review

We had a great open house this weekend. Everything we had sold well and we are very grateful for all who showed up and supported us. One of my favorite vintage items which sold was this great old original pink paint bead board door. The plaster dipped wreaths on the door, old picture frame turned caulk board, and the socks sewn from vintage ticking were just some of the many items we had at the sale. The response was so good that we are considering doing a spring garden theme open house as well.

1 comment:

patrice said...

i love the door....will never paint can visit it or have weekend custody....your home is beautiful and you are both just too cool...I love the combination of what and how you create....would love to come to a spring open house....and snag more urns....thanks again for the beauty you shared everything looked amazing. Patrice