Friday, November 12, 2010

Keep Calm and Carry On

I had to laugh when I read this old sign we found on the graphics fairy. It is a good reminder these days when we are so very busy. We are busy getting ready for an open house next week at our home address on College st. .  We have been trying to kept enough product in the local malls we are in. We also made a trip in the last week up to Then and Now in Petosky because in the few weeks we have been there we have sold almost all of  our repurposed furniture. We are so busy that I haven't be find time to blog like I have wanted to. The end of this summer I also purchased a camera hoping to document more of our mnay finds but I haven't been very good at keeping up with that either. I seem to run out of hours every day. So I guess I just need to stay calm and carry on.

When up in Petoskey I also have the privilage of meeting Linda Longworth the owner of Lavender Hill Farms. The beautiful above picture is of the barn and lavender fields in mid summer. I had the privilage of creating a counter for her store out of old doors and pine flooring. We had an inspired conversation. One of the many perks of doing the business we do and meeting the many people we find on our journeys.

One of my most exciting find this past week was the acquisition of a number of large tin gothic arches that came off the steeple of a local church. I have always had a love of vintage architecural items. So I was very excited to find about eight of nine of these aches that vary in height. I am thinking about how to display and use these pieces.

In the mean time, tonight is friday date night with my wife. So we both get a break from our day and night work schedule. Tomorrow it is back to work. We just need to keep calm and carry on that is how we get it all done.

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