Sunday, November 7, 2010

Being Published

I had had the good fortune to have had my homes published by Meredith Books which is Better Homes and Gardens in Des Moines, Iowa several times. Once the photos have been taken by them they own then, so the images could appear at any time in any of their publications. So imagine my delight a couple of weeks ago on a trip to Joann Fabrics I discovered this book with a photo from my previous home on the cover. In the industry getting the cover is "a good thing"! This book is BH&G 300 Cottage Style Decorating Ideas. Photos from what has affectionately been called "the pink house" ( because it was pink! ) appear as idea #19, 39 & 74. I love so many other ideas in this book. I feel like I am in good company.
This is another fascinating book that my "pink house" was in. There is a chapter in the book starting on page 48 titled "Cottage Style" that is about me with images of the interior of the house. This was so fun to do, the editor of the book, a field editor and 2 photographers spent 3 days with me, we started early on Sunday morning going to the Allegan Antiques Market together and then 2 days of shooting the photos in the house. There also are several random photos throughout the book of me shopping the market and of items that either they or I purchased that day. It was so fun and a little embarrassing having all these people (with cameras) following me around.
These 2 other BH&G books have images from a previous home. "The New Decorating Book" has a chapter starting on page 237 titled "House Tour House Dressing" that features the Interior Design of my own apartment again and the "Cottage Style" book features the breakfast room on page 196.
All of these books are full of all kinds of other great ideas for decorating using vintage, re-purposed items and antiques as well as new furnishings.
I am always on the look out for inspiration, maybe you are too.


ann at greenoak said...

thats great!!!!! hope you have a wonderful 4th quarter.

Sandy and Joe/rhubarb reign said...

Thanks for sharing, CJ! Saw Mark and Connie yesterday -- wished I had your books -- boo! And thanks for the nice comment about our trees. xo Miss you.

Anita said...

Um, I own ALL these books and had no idea. So now, I am going to get them out, mark the pages and gush over your fabulous work, my friend :)

VanDaff's Interior Design & Antiques said...

thank you Ann!
Thank you Anita, you are such a Love, we miss you!
CJ & Dan