Wednesday, September 29, 2010


We got back from the show in Nashville, Tennessee on Monday. Spent the day yesterday unloading and getting product back into the malls here in Grand Rapids. There is so much news to bring back from our trip that we hardly now were to begin. So we will start with a brief blog this morning and add more this week as we get time.

This was the first time we did this show. It is a very large flea market located on the fairgrounds in Nashville. We loved meeting the people and feasting our eyes on all the many sights and sounds. We can not say enough good about the gracious hospitality of Tennessee folk. People are so warm and friendly in this part of the country. We felt well received and also managed to pick up some really wonderful product. The mannequin in the above picture of our booth at the show we picked up from someone that walked it into our booth the opening day of the show. She is a real beauty.

We sold small items as well as large furniture. Small industrial items such as wire baskets and small metal storage containers completely sold out. Ephemera packets of small vintage items that CJ had assembled were very popular.

This show and the people we meet really won our hearts. However, whenever we do a new show like this we set a minimum financial goal that we have to meet in order to continue to do the show and we are sad to say that we did not meet our goal. So at this point we have decided to not do this show again. We are hoping that some of the people we meet will stay in touch with us and we hope that maybe we have given some of them a good excuse to come north and pay us a visit.

As we get time this week we will also post more pictures and thoughts about some of the people we meet, downtown Nashville, flea markets in general, and a surprise visit on the way home to South Union Shaker village.


Lisa Hilderbrand said...

I love Tennessee folk too...some of my family was/is from there. And I really adore your tomato wreath. Yummy and beautiful.
Lisa of Lisa's Little House

VanDaff's Interior Design & Antiques said...

Thanks for your comment. It is the tomato time of year.

Anita said...

Glad to see you had a good time. You tried it. You'd never know unless you gave it a shot. I am doing the same thing this weekend- in Wheaton.