Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Bluff's in St. Joseph, Michigan

We are doing The Bluff's Antique show tomorrow in St. Joseph , Michigan. This is a new show for us. The weather promises to be perfect. The show is in a park in downtown St.Joseph that overlooks Lake Michigan. We thought this would be a great way to spend a Labor day weekend sunday.
We are taking alittle bit of everything, Some furniture, industrial, some garden,ephemera, plus some halloween items that CJ has been working on so if you are in the area stop by and say hi. We are hoping to make some new friends and meet a few old ones.


Diane Fay (littlealma) said...

Greetings from St. Joe!!! Hope you had a good show yesterday in St. Joe! I am not sure, but wasn't it you that I joked with yesterday, with you being from GR and another shopper we were all chatting with was from Holland, and I teased and said, well howcome I didn't see you all in church in the morning (meaning the CRC). It was meant teasingly, and the other shopper quickly said she listened to a sermon on the way down to St. Joe - anyway, I was just being goofy!

But I think you were the ones that I saw that had a greenish medicine cabinet with a Dutch windmill and tulips on the front mirror part. I had so badly wanted it, but didn't really have a place for it, so said I would get back to you on it. Was that you guys?

And you also had the new "vintage" dark cherry beautiful table cloth that I was lusting after!

And we do get to GR quite often, as our daughter just graduated from Calvin, and is now going to Grand Valley while staying in Grand Rapids. (I also went to school at Trinity Christian with Lee Hardy, if you had him at Calvin at all-???) Anyways, wish we had made a better connection yesterday - we are one of your very old house owners! We have a 100-150 year old farmhouse that we have worked on over the years. But next time we come to GR we will have to stop in for sure.

Hope you liked our little town - (wait, your last name is Zondervan? or Vandaff???-hmmmm) oh well.

Oh, and I also loved your bottles with the music sheets wrapped around them too! I had commented that people in St. Joe weren't really familiar with that type of thing, or with all the blogs....... I think I did bend your guys ears for a while - sorry!

And here I am doing it again - enough, take care!!

Hugs from St. Joe - Diane

VanDaff's Interior Design & Antiques said...

Hi Diana, We remember the church conversation. One can only have such a conversation in west michigan.
We did have the bottles wrapped with music sheets and were glad you liked them. However, we were not the owners of the medicine cabinet or the table clothe.
We felt so well received by your lovely town. Loved all the people we meet and the wonderful enthused response we got to our product and way of doing vintage items. We talked about the show all the way home and decided to do it again in October.
Our last name is Zondervan. CJ's former name when she started her business was VanDaff. So we left the business name VanDaff's Interior Design and Antiques so we wouldn't confuse her clients.
Thanks so much for responding to our blog. We hope to see you again.

CJ & Dan