Tuesday, January 26, 2010


This past sunday we decided we needed to get away and we have been wanting to visit a small town in northern Michigan called Pentwater. It is located on Lake Michigan and is a very charming small town that has become a wonderful resort comunity in the summer with great historic character that has been wonderfully preserved.

The main reason for our visit was to check out an antique mall located in town that caters to the resort community. We are hoping to find new sources for some of our finds and antiques for this summer. Since we love the cottage look we feel with might be a good move for us.

Much of the down town was closed including the mall when we got there but there were phone numbers on the front door that we wrote down to contact the owners. We then wandered around looking for what else we could do or find. When you are an antique dealer you are always on the search for "opportunities".  We happened upon a small coffee shop called "Good Stuffs" in search of good coffee and maybe a good cookie. Inside the store we were greeted with a small group of people playing the most wonderful bluegrass music. Quickly purchasing our chocolate chip cookies we sat down and had a wonderful time listening to wonderful music. In chatting with locals sitting next to us we found out that this group plays every week(for free) on sunday at this coffee shop all year round. In the summer they sit on the sidewalk and play in front of the store.

CJ is from northern michigan (Boyne City) were this kind of thing is very common but in the city of Grand Rapids were we live this experinece is much harder to find. We felt as if we were blessed with a small town, northern Michigan experience and the good wishes of generous small town folks that made us feel so welcome. The treasures we hauled home that day were not as tangible as our usual antique treasures but were just as important to our sense of well being. We loved our Pentwater experience. Good people, good music, and good cookies. What a combination!


Anita said...

gotta love that! Are you coming to DuPage next weekend?

VanDaff's Interior Design & Antiques said...

Hi Anita, Sorry we won't be in DuPage this coming weekend, but we will be at Grays Lake. Will you be at Grays Lake?
We have been fabricating like crazy! so FUN!!!!
Loved your silk sceen project. Please show a photo of your finished pillows :>