Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tucked In

Here in Michigan the temperature is dropping, the wind is blowing and it is gentley snowing, so Dan & I have tucked in and we are creating. We both have been quite intriged with vintage paper lately. We made up these Valentine bottles with Victorian calling cards and vintage trims.

Dan gave me this darling candle for Christmas that Judy from Tapesties of Nature made and we both have been inspired to try some ourselves. When I was unpacking my studio ( some more! )  last week I found an old stash of vintage postage stamps so we made some up with stamps. There is something romantic, mysterious and wonderful about old stamps. Their designs are amazing and so delicate.

Even though I am not always so good at multi tasking I did make this yummy batch of granola in between glue drying etc. I shouldn't even tell you how good that made the house smell!

AND white chicken chile for dinner!

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