Monday, January 11, 2010

Moss Studio- Vintage Industrial

At the last show we did in Grand Rapids there were a couple of dealers that specialized in vintage industrial. This trend takes industrial items and gives them a new look for for office or residential use. It is very popular in some of our larger cities and has been so for some time. I have had an interest in this trend for since earlier this year. So I took a few pictures of a dealer called Moss Studio from Lansing , Michigan that was at the show with us a week and ahalf ago and will share the pictures with you in this blog. I have also decided to work a few of these pieces into our look at Bluedoor and take some of the pieces with me to the shows we do. At any rate, I am excited about trying my hand at a few carts I currently have in the shop and will let you know I do.

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Anita said...

I agree...a few tucked in make a great statement without looking too warehousey. I look foreward to seeing what you bring!