Friday, August 21, 2009

Star Birdhouses

Like most people in the antique and collecting business I am often inspired by the many magazines found in some of my local book stores on collecting vintage items. I have been know to pay a visit to some book stores that have coffee shops and sit and drink coffee reading through magazines for hours looking for ideas.
This past winter I found a picture of a star shaped birdhouse I fell in love with. So, this past week I fished a growing number of old plaster lath boards and small cut offs of vintage bead board out from under my table saw and began building star shaped birdhouses. It was one of the most fun projects I did all week.
The house in the picture is built completely out of old plaster lath boards and stained white. Most of the others also have beadboard on them. This one was elected to be the photo model since it is the only one complete. I hope to complete the rest this weekend. I should have a total of six done.
I will be taking some along next weekend to Allegan Antique Market.

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Susan said...

Dan, These are so sweet and well made. They remind me of the boxes you used to make with birch bark on the outsides. Sue