Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Repurpose is the new word in antique circles these days. To repurpose means to use of convert for use in another format or product. It fits perfect with our new economic times and with the new green movement. These days both CJ and I have been using our creative energy to find new uses for old items. I have a shop full of old broken chairs that I have been turning into hook racks and towels bars. Cj has been making jewelry out of vintage buttons and turning damaged antique table clothes and towels into pillows. Porch columns are getting turned into coat racks, window and door casing is getting turned into picture frames, broken and damaged furniture is recycled into new uses and new shapes. Yesterday, I made a conservatory out of old windows. These days I can't wait to get up and can't wait to get to my shop and work on new ideas and inspirations. These are exciting time we life in. I know many are going thru economic hard times and I am no accept ion. But, I believe with all my heart that I can either despair or chose to see my life as ripe with new possibilities and let my creative juices run. I choose the later.


Diane Passi said...

Hi CJ, We met at Allegan last month through Sandy, I love the greenhouse Dan has made , are you making more ? I am interested ? Diane

VanDaff's Interior Design & Antiques said...

Hi Diane, were you set up next to Sany and Joe?
That greenhouse that Dan made is available for $120. If you want it we can bring to Allegan next weekend if you will be there. Thanks for your interest! Dan was so excited about it & I thought it was the cats meow too!!!!!