Sunday, May 17, 2009


We are resting today from our day at Brocante yesterday.
We got a little rain first thing in the morning and had some winds that almost took a few tents down. The day turned sunny by the afternoon although we continued to fight with the wind all day. At one point CJ had a very exciting moment when a china cabinet in our booth blew over and took her and about a quarter of the booth with it. Fortunate, she is okay but a little sore today. Thank you to all of you who came to her rescue.
We did have a great time meeting new people. At any show you have familiar faithful friends, dealers and customers that you get to see and chat with. But, than there are all the new people(dealers & customers) that you meet. Plus, it is wonderful so see the product that everyone brings. All in all, it makes for a grand adventure and down right good time.
Despite the unpredictable and blustery weather we did have good sales. Thanks to all of you who purchased treasures from us and braved the elements. I think that we even got a little sun on our face. We plan on being there again next month and are presently planning for the next Allegan on the 31st. See you all there!

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