Wednesday, August 13, 2014


 Even though last winter was very cold with lots of snow and this summer has been very pleasant we find ourselves thinking of Fall and the upcoming Country Living show. I have to admit when it comes to Fall I am a hopeless romantic. There is not another time of year that so speaks to my soul like Fall. 
 Do you love Fall? I know people who dislike it because they dislike Winter and Winter follows Fall but that has never deterred me. Fall is such a visual feast of color, smells and what's not to love about cold crisp morning on a good day in October. 
Four weeks from tomorrow we will set up at the Country Living show in Columbus, Ohio. We are very excited about the show this year. It is always kicks off the Fall season for us. We went picking today and found some great treasures we are packing away for that show. 
CJ is excited about a new product she will unveil at this show. I'm not going to steal her thunder but I will tell you we have been collecting parts and pieces for her project all year. 
So, do you love Fall and if so what do you love about it?


Jessica Groendyk said...

We love the colors, the cool crisp fresh morning air. The excuse to wear sweatshirts and drink hot chocolate! This year especially, we are looking forward to pumpkin carving, hot aplenty cider and a trip to Robinettes with out Olivia!

True North Interior Design & Antiques said...

Don't forget the carmel apples!!

Cheryl Herberger said...

Apple Cider, Donuts, crisp apples, pumpkin pie, falling leaves, pumpkin pie, northern Michigan, pumpkin pie, ,, that is all.

Susan said...

My birthday is in October. I love sweatshirts, cooler temperatures, hearty soups, making Halloween costumes and the memory of new school clothes. ��