Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Country Living and Beyond

 We just finished doing our show in Petoskey. It is our last summer show. It is hard to believe but true!
The next show we do will be the Country Living show in Columbus, Ohio on Sept 12-14. It is our big Fall show season kick off. Since Fall is my favorite time of year is is really easy for me to get into spirit of the season at this show. Last year it was hot just before this show. A few days before we left our Grand Rapids home we went to gather some of the first pumpkins off the fields before we left to set up at the CL show. It didn't feel very Fall like setting up but by the time the show opened the weather had cooled and with all the pumpkins in place it felt like a Fall celebration. This really is a show not to miss!
Following the Country Living show we will be return to do both the October and November Hobnob Market shows. In addition we will be doing Beneath the Wreath here in Grand Rapids on Nov. 14-16.
We are also discussing heading south after the first of the year to do some southern shows in January and Febuary. But, more on that later....

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