Friday, September 14, 2012

First day of the Country Living Show

 We had a great day for our first day of the country living show. This show never seems to disappoint. We had huge numbers of people turn out inspite of some very mixed weather. We sold most everything across the board and got to meet some old friends from last year and make some new friends.
 Gathered Comforts is set up across from us. They do a great job and are very experienced at doing Country Living shows. They do this show, next month do Atlanta, and next spring do the CL show in Texas. When I asked them how that managed to put away so much product in such a short time they simple told me they put away stuff just like squirrels all year long.
 Front and center in their space was this wonderful drawer cabinet that in spite of one missing drawer cabinet had me wondering how I could come up with the money to buy it. I so love these things. It sold in the first hour of the show so my time coveting this piece was short lived.
 Up the row from our space was a dealer selling this wonderful German educational posters. CJ flipped when she saw the cat poster. I don't think that any of these posters lasted the day.
I did get a chance to walk to one of my favorite dealers that always has alot of architectural. This place is so filled with so many interesting and exciting dealers and product.
If you get a chance to get to the show this weekend please stop by and say hi. Tomorrow we regroup and add more product.

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