Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fall is Upon Us!!

We headed north this week to fill our space at Then and Now in Petoskey. When we got on the freeway north of Grand Rapids we realized that Fall is truely upon us. I love the early color mixed with the green that is still on many trees.
Fall is by far our most favorite time of the year. The cooler air is very welcome after our very hot summer.
 We got to Petoskey and found our space at Then and Now nearly empty. Fortunately, we had loaded the truck as well as the trailer so we were able to fill our space up with lots of new product.
 However, we realized that we will need to make a return trip with in the next week and ahalf with more items. So we are now back home getting more ready for our next load.
 Today we took another drive in the country to see a little more color. We also made a number of stops to do a little shopping for additional vintage items for our spaces. We came back with a number of really great items that will make their way into our inventory soon.
Hopefully, we will be back on the road again in the next week and ahalf with more product for our north country markets. We will get a little more opportunity to see some Michigan Fall color.

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