Tuesday, February 8, 2011

For the LOVE of learning!

It's always a joy for me to teach - anything. But right now I have the privilege of teaching adult watercolor painting. It is amazing to see the progression as each student learns a little more each week and finds their way with the medium. The assignment pictured above was to draw repetitive shapes and  paint them overlapping, touching and with space between, getting the feeling of what the paint does when overlapping another color or touching another color or simply by itself. There is such beauty in all of these experimentation's. Each students personality comes out so naturally.

I also loved all of these above mini paintings. The assignment here was to mix paint colors to duplicate the colors that they were seeing in the swatch of fabric. Again I was amazed and delighted with all of the outcome.
So I am not sure who's having more fun with this class, me (the teacher!) or them!

I also had the opportunity this past Saturday to sub for 2 youth drawing classes at Kendall College of Art & Design. I had 6-12 year old's and we drew cartoons. I got to be a kid again for a few hours - so FUN!
Lucky me :-)

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