Thursday, February 24, 2011

Distress Painted Furniture

 Pictured here is a wonderful vintage cabinet that we currently use in our house as a bookcase. We have always loved these primitive pieces of old painted furniture. I have long wanted to learn the process of distress painted furniture for some of the furniture I create or redo. So this week after weeks of research I started playing around with some techniques of painting that give me similar results on the newer pieces of furniture I have been working on. Pictured below are some of the first pieces of furniture that I have been working on that are still in the paint spray booth.
This night stand is one of a pair of night stands that will soon be available at Bluedoor. I have really enjoyed the process and hope to use this on more of our furniture.

The crackle and worn edges give this a beautiful time worn look. This photo was taken before I applied a glaze today and tomorrow I hope to clear coat the two night stands and a matching chest of drawers. This creative process has me very excited and my brain is now running with other furniture items that are currently in the shop that I hope to use some of the same techniques on. More pictures will follow.

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