Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Petoskey Show

This is how our space at Petoskey looked a few minutes after the show opened on Saturday morning. It was a beautiful day and we had lots of shoppers. As aways we had our corner right across from the parking lot and so we are fortunate to have most people start the show by going thru our booth first. We had a real mix of product with lots of furniture.
This wonderful blue bench made from a bed was the first furniture sale of the day and the wonderful whimsical white cabinet behind it only lasted a couple of hours longer. Don't you just love CJ's vintage feed sack pillows on the bench!
The yellow bed bench in this picture sold on the second day and most of the shelves/bookcases behind it all sold at the end of the first day.

This vintage Amish made harvest type table was admired by many but didn't sell so we will be putting it in one of our antique mall spaces. The two copper capitals on the table on the right came from some columns on a local church and got alot of attention.
All architectural items always get alot of attention and a pair of gable fretwork like the one above(from a local farmhouse) drew many admirers but didn't sell so they are still available.
The bent ash chair and sofa in the picture was a fun project that involving CJ's sewing talents and my woodworking and painting skills. We painted the furniture a soft white and recovered the cushions with blue ticking fabric. We didn't sell this item so it just got put into Eastown antique mall along with the spectacular pillows you see on the sofa made by CJ out of vintage patchwork fabric. The fun vintage stone urn hiding behind the rose picnic basket sold and went to a wonderful cottage on Lake Michigan.
As always we had lots of smalls and repurposed creations sale. We are grateful for all of the people that showed up to support us and purchase from us. Having done shows for the last year and half we are amazed at all of the friends and acquaintances we have made and we love visiting you all and seeing your familiar friendly faces at the shows we set up at.

The really stars of the weekend for us were CJ's parents. We were well fed and lodged. There was a get together with CJ's family to celebrate her Dad's birthday. So we even had cake and pie! Our experience was rich and right now we are feeling very tried but full of gratitude. Thanks to all with a special thanks to Mom and Dad Pluister.


Anita said...

So glad it went well. You 2 have been working your rears off getting all this stuff ready and I am so glad it is selling!

VanDaff's Interior Design & Antiques said...

thank you Anita we are so happy for you too! When do you start?