Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weekend thoughts and news

It has been a busy week. CJ finished up on the show house on Monday. I have been very busy in my shop this week. I did find time to go to an auction and CJ had time to go to an estate sale. Two things I realized about the antique business this week, one was how much time we spend hauling things and setting things up, the other is how much patience we have to have when we shop for items. Some estate sales and auctions you find things very quickly and sometime all at once. But, most of the time you patiently watch or wait often hours for a few minutes of good buying.
My favorite auction find of the week was this wonderful vintage dress form. She has a very matronly shape and we have already begun to refer affectionately as Grandma.

The three above re-purposed pieces of furniture were completed for a client this week and they are sold and have been delivered. They were great fun to make. The yellow bench is made out of a single bed. The blue buffet was made out of numerous vintage cabinet parts and pieces and the white hall tree was made from parts of a couple of old doors. 
This week promises to be another busy week. So many creative things to do and so little time.

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Anita said...

These pieces look awesome- congrats on selling them! Rough pickins around here this month...time to get busy making stuff again :)