Thursday, October 1, 2009


You may remember an earlier post about my new boots, a gift from my dear freind Sue, well I wore them for the first time last Sunday at Allegan. The grass is always wet early in the morning when we are setting up even in the warm weather, so I need something waterproof and with a good sole for walking up and down the ramp of the treausre trailor to unload the goodies. Ok besides that they look COOL! I'm realy trying to sound procticle - why? I think is was that whole lecture I gave last to my class on Louise Sullivans FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION concept. ANyway I love them and many of you complemented me on them too. Thanks SUE!!!

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Sandy and Joe/rhubarb reign said...

Cute boots, CJ! And thanks for the nice comment about us in the Allegan post -- right back at ya. So glad you guys are coming to Chicago. Can't wait. Thanks, too, for your nice note about Joe's b-day post. So Dan's an October boy, too, eh? And an anniversary. Wow! Good to have lots of stuff to celebrate! xo