Thursday, February 5, 2009

Celebrating Beckie

I lost a very dear friend this week and I just want the world to stop for a while so that I can tell you about this great friend that I had. Beckie who you see in these photos from 1982 on the right (in both of them) was the kind of person that made the world a better place to be. Beckie had this jest for life that was contagious. There aways was this amazing honesty in our friendship, we could talk to each other about anything without judgement. We could share our hopes, dreams, crushes, fears, angers, confusion and disappointments through shrieks of laughter or tears. It's hard for me to believe that she's gone that I will never confide in her again. But she has left far more than our friendship. She has left this world with a sea of people will will miss her, her 3 beautiful boys, her parents her 2 brothers and their families and many many friends who's lives are richer and sadder right now for having known and loved her.
Beckie I know that I felt the true hands and face of Christ through you. Through your love, acceptance, understanding of me. My Dad always referred to you as pretty Beckie, so pretty Beckie I will forever love you and miss you and I know you will be there to greet me one day. In the mean time I am heading north to celebrate your life and am now heading to my closet to figure out what BRIGHT HAPPY clothes I can pack to wear to your funeral celebration (per your wishes!) and oh the pizza idea - priceless!

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