Monday, January 26, 2009

FOR SALE! The Little Pink House

A little piece of heaven for sale.
It has felt like heaven to me to live here for 12 1/2 years. The process of selling your house and letting go is an emotional one. No surprise. My Realtor has done such a great job with the photos that I wanted to share them. Dennis Kellermeier with Keller Williams has the listing.
Dan & I are excited about having a home of our own. It just feels right. But selling this place is both good and bad and as one of my dear friends has told me just because you feel one emotion doesn't mean you don't feel the other. The job of packing up, sorting out is a big one as anyone knows who has done this. Having my business here adds another level of work and sort that seems huge. The Interior Design business has a lot of pieces and samples to it. Fabric, carpet, furniture catalogs, tile, design idea books, closed client files, current client files and note books, etc. Plus I am the kind of person who sees possibilities in so many cast off " things"! Oh boy...
So I have decided to blog about the process. Probably more for me than for you! If anyone out there has advise I stand ready to listen. At this point shoulder rubs from Dan & a glass of wine help!
So tell your friends the little pink house is for sale and they too could own a piece of heaven!


Tess said...

CJ & Dan,

Congratulations on the sale of your home in advance!

One piece of advise is do one room at a time and stay in that room only.

Only keep what is currently beautiful, valuable and useful to you and Dan. If it doesn't have all three characteristics put it aside.

Then with the items you put aside sort what you want to sell that has value. Pack everything that is for sale together and label the boxes "for sale." and list on boxes what's inside.

Don't save anything that needs to be fixed or is broken. You will get bogged down by that and it will zap your energy. Throw it out or give it away at the end of each packing day. Don't put it aside and think "oh I can fix that." Forget it!

Remember you need your energy to move!

Even after we arrived in AZ I took things out of boxes and was mad that I not only kept a particular item I didn't need, I moved it across country!

We called habitat for humanity to come for furniture we couldn't fit in our smaller new home.

Remember you will need your energy to stay positive about your sale and to move into your new place.

When you have a garage sale price things to sell. You may take less but you will have your sanity and your energy at the end of the sale because you will have little left to pack.


VanDaff's Interior Design said...

thanks tess this was so helpfull!