Monday, November 3, 2008


Dan & I moved into a new antique mall today in Williamston & I thought you might like to see a few photos of the booth. It is a work in progress and a fun new opportunity. It is a different market for us and allows for another creative outlet. This is something that we really enjoy doing together. Dan is so great at the furniture - finding it, repairing it ( hauling it!), as well as the architectural pieces. I mostly do the "smalls" as they call then in the business. Accessories, lamps, rugs, china, textiles and now Christmas. Over the summer I found a lot of wonderful old Christmas decorations. So the next time you are heading to the east side of the state take few minutes ( OK it could take hours!) to get off at the Williamston exit just east of Lansing and Okemos and stop in at the mall. It is right off of the highway. Watch for the signs. Happy treasure hunting!

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