Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I am learning e-bay and feeling like a child. Dan has very patiently been teaching me. After I got 5 listing made on saturday I had to lay down! There is so much to it, so many details. There is stratugy to it so that your product looks it's best, is represented correctly. It requres research, good photography, interesting descriptions. But all fun, rather like creating your own play store. That is one way that it makes me feel like a child - the play, but also learning all about it. I feel like I am back in school with home work.
These photos are of the 5 things that I have listed this week. So check it out. There are a few more being added tonight. Some of these things are so cool I can't believe that I'm parting with them! So have fun shopping. Search for me by entering vintage hooked rug with cat and it should come up and then you can see the other items too.

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