Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Petoskey Antiques Show Report

 We are just back from our Petoskey show at the fairgrounds with a few pictures of our setup. As always we were located in the front corner of the group tent facing the parking lot.
 We arrived on friday, spent the afternoon setting up as much as we could. Then on Saturday we showed up early to finish our display. The day was more steamy and humid than we are use to in north country however we were glad that the rain that had been threatened didn't show up. By the afternoon some of the steam was very clearly keeping people away or causing them to leave the show early. However, we were so glad to see all of our regular customers and friends that showed up to support us.
 Sunday was much cooler and pleasant but as is often the case with a two day show the second day was slower.
 We took a large cross section of product. Painted white furniture which is often popular in cottage country was a slow sell and has been for a couple of years(maybe the slowing of a trend), the industrial we took along sold well, handmades out of vintage(CJ,s jewelery was a good seller) and small vintage sold well, and we actually sold alot of our vintage fabric.
 After Sunday pack-up we stayed on Monday so we could restock our space at Then and Now and stayed for CJ's Dad's birthday celebration in the evening. The birthday celebration is also the cause for an annual grand steak fry that we all look forward to. Delicious!
So today we picked up our trailer at Then and Now and headed home. The pressure is now on for the all the product we need to find and create for the Country Living Show in Columbus, Ohio. We will keep you posted.

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